Working hours at RTOs in Odisha to be extended. Here’s why

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Transport Commissioner had directed to extend working hours at all Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in order to expedite issuance of LL/DL after implementation of the new MV Act.

The Regional Transport Officers have also been advised to hold LL camps in interior areas on Government holidays as per requirement.

“You are directed to extend the working hours in all working days depending upon the no. of LL/DL applications pending in your office, so that the offices will remain closed on the Govt. holidays. You may hold LL Camps in interior areas on Govt. holidays as per requirement,” the Transport Commissioner wrote in a letter to all Regional Transport Officers.

For improving availability of slots for issuance of LL at earliest, the Transport Commissioner has asked the Regional Transport Officers to take following measures:

* To use more nos. of computers for LL test to accommodate more candidates in each slot.

* Where the slot duration is more than 10 mins., it should be reduced to 10 mins. 

* To facilitate the public for applying and getting LL by organizing camps in school, college and Block offices where computer lab is available and take fees and biometrics of the applicants on the spot.

* Allow new applicants to appear in vacant slot where the applicants are absent.


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