World Coconut Day: Taste delicious Guavaz Natural Ice Creams

Bhubaneswar: If you have a wicket sweet tooth and ice creams are your go-to sweets, then you have every reason to rejoice. Guavaz Natural Ice Cream has a long list of ice creams with natural ingredients, especially coconut.

Tender coconut used in its entirety and whipped into an ice cream for a delicious summer treat. Tender coconut meat or pulp is usually discarded and only the tender coconut water is used by many. Tender coconut pulp is full of fiber and has healthy saturated fats. It is also a good source of potassium and sodium. This ice cream serves as ideal dessert.

Remember being blown away by the freshness of coconut water and the sweet, succulent tender coconut? Imagine all that goodness in every bite of Odisha’s best and only natural ice cream destination! Guavaz Tender Coconut Sundae is a fan favorite!

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