World famous Bargarh Dhanu Yatra kicks off in Odisha

Bargarh: The 71st Bargarh Dhanu Yatra kicked off today evening. Bargarh MP Suresh Pujari inaugurated the yatra in presence of Rajya Sabha MP Prasanna Acharya, MLA Debesh Acharya, Bargarh Collector Jyotiranjan Pradhan and SP Padmini Sahoo.

During the 11-day Dhanu Yatra, Bargarh town turns into Mathura Nagari whereas Ambapalli is known as Gopa Pura. The Jeera river flowing on the west side to the main town, transforms into river Yamuna.

Bargarh town gets decked up for the world’s largest open air theatre during these 11 days.

On the first day of the yatra, marriage of Kansa’s sister Debaki with Basudeba is held at Ramaji temple. After hearing the divine prophecy, Kansa puts Debaki and Basudeba in prison and dethrones Maharaja Ugrasena.

Worth mentioning, there is no written script used in these enactments.

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