World Rose Day Today: Know its History and Significance

Bhubaneswar: Life is indeed a gift in every way and no matter what challenge or disease poses a threat to that, all one truly needs to do to survive it is to be willing to fight enough to live. On World Rose Day, today, people around the world are celebrating the ‘never say die’ spirits’ of cancer patients by giving them roses.

Every year, World Rose Day is celebrated on September 22. It initially started in honor of a 12-year old girl in Canada Melinda Rose. She was diagnosed with Askin’s Tumour, a rare type of tumour that developed from a person’s chest wall. Aware she did not have much time, Melinda chose to spend the last days of her life bringing positive impacts in people’s lives instead of waiting in her deathbed. Melinda had experienced the torments of fighting with the dreads of cancers. So, she wrote letters, poems and emails for other cancer patients around her to give them hope. It’s said that till her last day, she made it her mission to keep the spirits of people in the hospital that treated her, bright and jolly. Hence, to always keep her alive in memories, World Rose Day was celebrated every year.

World Rose Day is also celebrated to signify the importance of early diagnosis of cancer so proper treatment would be ensured to the patients in time.

Battling cancer is not just a constant challenge for the patients but of for their caregivers. It’s not just the physical pain but also the mental and psychological turmoil that they all go through together. So, every year, on this occasion, cancer patients and their caregivers are given roses to cheer them up, honour their bravery and show them love and support so they chose to fight for life.

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