World Toilet Day 2022 Theme, History, Significance and all you need to know

World Toilet Day (WTD) is an official United Nations international observance day on 19 November to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis.

Each year, World Toilet Day on 19 November highlights the importance of sanitation and hygiene in driving improvements in public health, gender equality, education, economic development and environmental protection.

World Toilet Day 2022 Theme: ‘Making the invisible visible’

Mankind in facing a global sanitation crisis. As per reports, about 3.6 billion people are still living with poor quality toilets. That affects their health and pollutes the environment.

Human waste is spread into rivers, lakes and soil thus, contaminating water resources, due to inadequate sanitation system. However, groundwater may be protected from human population if sanitation is safely managed. Everyone must have access to a toilet connected to a sanitation system that effectively removes and treats human waste. The link between sanitation and groundwater cannot be overlooked.

This World Toilet Day, the objective is to make the invisible visible.

World Toilet Day is held every year on 19 November. It has been an annual United Nations Observance since 2013.

According to the latest WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) report, progress on sanitation and hygiene is badly off track. For the 3.6 billion people currently without safely managed sanitation, it’s clear there will be no sustainable future without toilets. Governments must work four times faster and ensure toilets for all by 2030.


On 19 November 2001, the NGO World Toilet Organization (WTO) was founded by Jack Sim, a philanthropist from Singapore. He subsequently declared 19 November as World Toilet Day.

The name “World Toilet Day” and not “World Sanitation Day” was chosen for ease of public messaging many people believe that the world sanitation day was a good idea.

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