‘Wow! Momo’ all set to redefine momo concept in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: With Bhubaneswar gradually emerging as a major melting pot in eastern India, ‘Wow! Momo’, one of the leading chain of fast food restaurants in India, is all set to redefine the concept of momo in Odisha with its presence in the smart city.

Whether it’s steamed momos, fried or pan fried ones, ‘Wow! Momo’ is apparently the best outlet for this mouthwatering food in the capital city being inaugurated at BMC Bhawani Mall on October 17 in Saheed Nagar here. It is an one stop destination to taste varieties of momos in different flavours with the Chocolate Momos and Sizzler Momos being among the must try ones.

Targeting not only the youngsters, ‘Wow! Momo’ also offers best services with delicious momos for all age groups.

Having its presence with over 130 outlets in 9 cities across India, ‘Wow! Momo’, country’s largest momo chain, is now aiming to woo people in Bhubaneswar as well.

“We are targeting almost all age groups of people. As Bhubaneswar is ranked number one smart city and one of the leading IT and education hubs in India, we decided to open a kiosk here in the prime location in the city,” said Amit Das, General Manager, Operations, Wow! Momo, Odisha.

“This is company’s first outlet in Bhubaneswar offering varieties in the menu including pan fried momos, chocolate momos, sizzler momos and baked momo augratin. Apart from Bhubaneswar, we are planning to expand it to Puri and Cuttack in upcoming days. In view of number of customers visiting the kiosk here, Wow! Momo is opening soon its outlet at Forum Mart in Kharvel Nagar, Patia area and Sahid Nagar,” Das said.

The company is targeting to make its presence in Puri, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar by opening 20 more outlets in the next two years.

‘Wow! Momo’, headquartered in Kolkata, is one of the best fast food restaurants in startup in India. Founded by Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai, the two alumni of St. Xavier’s College, in 2008 at investment of only Rs 30,000, the company now operates with around 1,400 employees across the country.

At Sahid Nagar outlet, there are 10 employees including six cooks serving their best services to customers.

“We expect to get a big thumbs-up in Bhubaneswar as on the opening day, all the items in momos were sold out and we got a very good response from the customers,” Das said.

“Normally, the concept of momos will take our mind to steamed or fried momos as street food. But, we are only one set up in India that has redefined the concept of momo to be simply called an outlet with menu that caters 12 different flavours of momos including sizzler momos and chocolate momos in starter and dessert items,” he added.

“We here at Wow! Momo pay utmost care towards maintaining hygiene and cleanliness and try to provide best possible hospitality to our customers,” he concluded.

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