‘Yamraj’, ‘Chitargupta’ board Mo Bus to disseminate road safety messages

Bhubaneswar: In a unique initiative to create awareness among people on the occasion of 32nd Road Safety Awareness Month, three crew members of Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) dressed up as mythological characters ‘Yamraj and ‘Chitargupta’ were seen disseminating various road safety messages among MoBus captains and commuters.

The ‘God of death’ and his ‘registrar of Karma’ travelled in Mo Bus on various routes and sensitized the crew members to wear seat belt, halt at designated stops only and avoid drunken driving and talking over phone while on duty.

road safety messages

The duo further requested the commuters to report if they notice any traffic violation by the crew while travelling in Mo Bus.

Expressing satisfaction,  a commuter said, “It is a good attempt by CRUT to sensitise their own crew members to follow the traffic rules”.

“Obeying traffic rules should be a responsibility of all concerned. Everyday, a group of 10 captains are counselled about do’s and don’ts of traffic rule before they start their duty,” said CRUT General Manager Dipti Mahapatro.

“As normalcy prevails, our ridership has also increased gradually. At present 169 buses are operating on 25 routes with around 85,000 footfalls daily. We are hopeful  of having over one lakh commuters per day soon”, she added.

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