Yediyurappa granddaughter suicide: Husband finally breaks silence on Soundarya’s death

Bengaluru: The Karnataka Police have recorded the statement of Dr Neeraj, in connection with the suicide case of former Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa’s granddaughter Dr Soundarya. Dr Neeraj, Soundarya’s husband in his statement said that the couple shared a good bonding, there was no crisis between them and he is not able to understand what pushed Soundarya to the verge of committing suicide, police sources said on Sunday.

Soundarya committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan in her flat leaving behind her 9-month-old male baby on Friday. Dr Neeraj has said that he led a cordial life with Soundarya. He claimed that they did not quarrel or had any difference of opinion among themselves.

Dr Neeraj has further stated that the incident has shocked him and he is not able to understand what led her to commit suicide. After the birth of the child, Soundarya spent most of the time at her parents’ place and visited the flat occasionally, police said.

“As always, I expected Soundarya to wake up late in the morning, so I started for work early in the morning at regular time. When she came to the flat on Thursday night she seemed to be fine,” claimed Neeraj, police sources said.

After recording the statement of Dr Neeraj, the High Ground police who are investigating the case conducted spot inspection in the flat where Soundarya committed suicide in the presence of Neeraj and family members. The police have also recorded the statements of Soundarya’s mother and maids, according to sources.

Soundarya wanted to serve the poor and chose to work at the Bowring hospital, which is run by the government. Meanwhile, Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant met Yediyurappa at his residence and spoke to him for about 20 minutes. Further investigation is on.


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