Yet another shocker from premier govt hospital in Odisha’s capital city

Reported by Santosh Jagdev

Bhubaneswar, July 13:

Here is yet another shocking story authored by staff of the premier government hospital in Odisha, the Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar, which has become infamous for the shabby and cruel manner in which it has been dealing with patients, especially those who have neither clout nor the money to throw around.

Anusmita Mallick, victim (Pic-Biswaranjan Mishra)
Anusmita Mallick, victim (Pic-Biswaranjan Mishra)

Anusmita Mallick, a woman from Gop in Puri district today submitted a letter of grievance to the Director of Capital Hospital here alleging she was not only not allowed into Operation Theatre (OT) chamber of the hospital for delivery although she was in great pain, but was also subjected to misbehaviour by doctors and nurses on duty and even pushed by a staff member.

The matter came to light today after a social activist took up cudgels on her behalf and let the

media know of her sad story.

In the letter, Anusmita, who was to deliver her child last night, alleged that the doctors and nurses of the hospital misbehaved with her when she pleaded with them to be allowed into the OT for delivery.

“I was shivering with terrible pain and pleaded with all to allow me in, but nobody took pity on me. One of the staff even pushed me out of the OT as I was trying to enter ,” said Anusmita, adding, “Even the hospital staff didn’t listen to the ASHA worker who requested them to admit her for the operation.”

She lay on the floor, writhing in pain outside the OT for hours till finally she was allowed in and deliver the baby. But her trauma did not end there. The staff who helped her delivery demanded Rs 500 from her uncle for the ‘help’, she alleged.

Anusmita lying on hospital verandah after the delivery (pIc-Biswaranjan)
Anusmita lying on hospital verandah after the delivery (pIc-Biswaranjan)

She has demanded stringent action against the doctors and staff responsible for her misery.

Last evening Dr SP Mangaraj referred Anusmita, who was admitted at Gop Primary Health Centre in Puri, to Capital Hopital after her condition deteriorated.

Such cases of shocking apathy are quite a regular occurrence across government hospitals across the state but the fact that a ‘janani’ is treated so shabbily in a top government hospital next to the ruling party’s headquarters in the state capital speaks volumes about the state government’s  commitment to provide proper care  to pregnant mothers in state run hospitals, the activist , who helped the woman stand up for her rights, said.

When contacted, the Deputy Superintendent of the Capital Hospital Manoranjan Das said they are inquiring into the matter and identifying the doctors and staff who were on duty for questioning.

“If anyone is found guilty stringent action will be taken, ” he added.

” Haven’t we heard this a million times ? Such hollow assurances- the theme tune of the 14-year old BJD government- sounds only too familiar,” the activist observed.

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  1. Joseph says

    When doctors pay bribe in lakhs to get posted in Bhubaneswar, how can they be expected to behave humanely to patients.The government machinery being totally corrupt, it can not be expected to giver justice to humiliated patients either.

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