You treat minorities the way Muslims are treated in the West: Pakistani celebrity on bakery row

New Delhi: Trending number 1 on Twitter in Pakistan, a Karachi-based bakery is currently facing harsh criticism by netizens and celebrities for their bigotry and discriminatory mindset. This social media outcry is due to their reported refusal to write “Merry Christmas” on cakes at their outlets, The Express Tribune reported.

The problem was initially reported by a woman against the bakery’s Khayabane Jami branch, on a Facebook group called Voice of Customer PK. However, it later turned out that all branches across Karachi have been practising the same behaviour. Now, another bakery has been called out for the same discriminatory behaviour, the report said.

Pakistan actor and VJ Anoushey Ashraf is of the strong opinion that “writing something for someone else’s faith doesn’t make my faith weak”.

She herself visited the Boat Basin branch and is “offended as a Muslim”. She suggests the bakery to “lead by example and get over their personal biases”. She also called them out for “treating them (minorities) just like Muslims are treated badly in the West”, the report said.

Shedding light on the incident and schooling netizens on their hate-mongering and hypocritical behaviour, she commented: “If the western world tomorrow says that Eid is un-Christian like and they don’t believe it and no Muslim can get an Eid Mubarak cake on the basis of this explanation, then the hue and cry would be real.”

Ashraf reminded the workers in the bakeries that it is simply their “job to write wishes for the customers”.

Highlighting that respect goes both ways, she added: “The person wanting the cake deserves respect before what you ‘believe’. Religion connects people, it brings us all closer, and it makes us love. These clergies have only helped create such division where people in the comments sections are abusing one another. Religion is once more at the forefront of division amongst people.”

Pakistani actor Sanam Saeed also expressed her shock at the incident and took to her Instagram story and shared: “The white in our flag represents solidarity with our minorities. We should start practising inclusivity and respect.”

Tagging both bakeries, she added: “If it’s true that both bakeries refused to write ‘Merry Christmas’ on customer cakes then shame on you. And if it’s a policy then it needs to be revised as soon as possible.”


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