Youth ‘quarantined’ on tree after being refused entry into village

Jaipur: A youth in Bhilwara has had to “quarantine” himself on a tree after being refused entry to his village recently. The 24-year-old Kamlesh Meena walked all the way from Ajmer to reach his village Sherpura in Bhilwara, however, was stopped by villagers while entering into his village fearing corona spread.

He was advised to go to district hospital first and get himself tested. However, Kamlesh refused to go out of his village. As the tension gripped the village, a medical team soon reached the spot and collected the samples of youth. Other medical tests were also done.

Meanwhile, the medical team to sort out the issue, asked Kamlesh to come along to Bhilwara quarantine centre. However one of the section of villagers did not allow them to do the same. After a long debate, it was decided to quarantine the youth 3 kms far off the village on a tree.

A temporary ladder was put aside a tree to help this man come down to attend nature’s call. A medical team has been coming daily to test him.

Meanwhile district collector Rajendra Bhatt said that this man is healthy. “As he did not want to go to quarantine centre, he was quarantined on a tree.”

Kamlesh’ father Sagarmal said that his son was a daily wager in Ajmer. After lockdown, he was stranded in the city and waited for some vehicle, however, when he did not get any vehicle, he walked 150 kilometres to reach his village. As villagers objected to his entry in village, he started living on a tree by making a ‘machan’ on it. We are giving him two meals and water,” he added.

Bhilwara Model went famous on world map when out of 27 patients, 25 patients turned negative while two of them lost their lives to COVID-19. Its quarantine and isolation model along with the techniques to seal the city were discussed at length in different parts of the country.


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