15-year-old boy drives ambulance for 8 km in crowded city in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: The authorities manning the ambulance service at the Trissur district hospital were shocked to find that a 15-year-old boy had driven out an ambulance for 8 kms in the crowded city.

The incident happened on Monday evening. According to sources, the boy is the son of an employee at the hospital and had come for treatment for fever.

Since the boy was known to all, he managed to move around easily. He saw the ambulance parked in the hospital premises and noticed the key inside. Soon he got into the vehicle and drove it into the city.

Trouble began when the vehicle stopped suddenly, and onlookers seeing that the driver was a minor got suspicious and informed the police.

Since the service is managed online, the Kerala State Medical Service Corporation soon realised that one of their ambulances was on the road without a mandate. After locating the ambulance, they too came rushing.

The Trissur East Police station has registered a case. The registered driver of the ambulance has been asked to explain the incident and has been served a notice.


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