5 things you must do post workout

Bhubaneswar:  As important as burning your extra calories with an effective workout routine is, what you do immediately after that, counts too.

Exercising regularly benefits a person in several ways.  Along with weight management, it contributes to stronger bones and muscles, improves brain and skin health, minimizes the risks of chronic diseases and boosts energy levels in people who work out regularly.

Almost every fitness enthusiast has a list of dos and don’ts before getting started with their workout routines. But do you know there are certain simple yet important things that one needs to swear by post-workout session!

Here are five things that you must do after you’ve completed working out:


  • Stretch

Stretching properly after completing a workout session is very important. It enhances the flexibility of muscles in the human body. Studies suggest that human muscles stretch best when warm. Also, stretching protects from muscle soreness.

Thus, finishing an intense workout routine with some deep body stretches will not just make you more flexible but also let you carry on with the rest of the day feeling more energized. You can start with some neck and shoulder stretches, calf and hamstring stretch.


  • Cooldown

Once you are done with the workout routine, don’t hit the shower immediately. That could make you sick. Instead, walk slowly or simply sit down for a while and allow your blood vessels to calm down and get back to normal. Take shower only after your body has completely settled to normal.



Hydrate yourself by sipping water and not some energy drinks post-workout. Water itself is the most effective natural beverage that will help you retain your energy and strength after a fat-burning session.


  • Change clothes

It’s quite obvious that you would want to change those sweaty workout clothes and put on a new pair of clothes. Staying in those soggy fabrics for a long time could leave you with skin infections or worse, allergies.


  • Avoid snacking immediately after a session

Munching snacks immediately after working out is definitely not encouraged. It would rather be wise to wait for at least 45 minutes to one hour before eating something.   And when you do eat, choose the right snacks like some proteins, low-fat whole grains, magnesium, and carbs.


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