A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Plants

Keeping plants inside our homes has a long list of mental and emotional benefits. The coronavirus induced lockdown and the general rise in the “work from home” culture has provided us with the perfect opportunity to perk up our indoors with some plants that also bring numerous benefits.

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While the stunning pictures of a plant mom’s lush collection of plants posted on Instagram look like something you’d like to have inside your house as well, it is paramount to realize that the ritual takes up a lot of labor. A budding plant mom should start with some easy-to-maintain plants that have fewer chances of dying and leaving you with another heartbreak. 

But which plants to go for? Flowering or non-flowering? Do you need climbers? What about cacti? Here’s a list of some perfects plants that can help you get started!

1) Money Plant or Epipremnum aureum

It grows quite invincibly from every nook and corner. The climber is very easy to propagate and will practically cost you nothing if you can steal a cutting from your neighbors’ garden. Submerge the cutting inside a glass of water, and you’ll observe tiny roots emerging from it. Although the money plant is traditionally grown in soil, I adore the plant because it can only sustain upon watering. Keep the cuttings in stunning glass vases placed next to your bookshelf and witness the plant make leaps around your walls. While feeding the plant solely water, make sure you replace it with fresh water regularly.  


2) African Violet

We all love flowers, and what a sight to have mini flowering plants in your house instead of having to purchase flowers for your work desk! This plant blooms stunning multi-colored buds that are the perfect mood-enhancers. You can easily make clones from the leaves of an existing plant and fill your house with tiny pots containing the flowers. These plants flower almost throughout the year and require low-maintenance. Make sure you don’t expose the plant to direct sunlight or scorching temperatures.  

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3) Spider Ivy

It makes for the perfect indoor plant for Indian households. Spider Ivy produces oxygen while absorbing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene, thus purifying the air inside your home. They are not at all picky about the condition and will grow in minimum care. The plant is also known to shoot offsets that flowers during some periods, making them an ideal hanging display option. Moreover, Spider plants are harmless to children and pets, thus keeping things safe if you have babies or pets in your home.

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4) Baby Tears

These are the cutest little plant that is capable of bringing out the heart-eyes emotions in you. Baby tears are small houseplants with a myriad of tiny leaves. It thrives on humidity and filtered sunlight. Keeping it in a glass terrarium would lock the roots’ moisture, allowing the plant to form a dense mat-formation. 

(source: the spruce)

5) The Mother-in-law’s Tongue or Snake Plant

The plant acts like the best air purifier to have inside your house without having to pay for the expensive ones manufactured by electronic companies. It emits oxygen and filters toxins from the air, such as carbon mono-oxide, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. What’s even more formidable is the lack of care that this plant needs. You only need to water it when the top layer of the soil completely dries out. Apart from these benefits, the plant also has a chic appearance making it ideal for your drawing room. 

(patch plants)

6) Lucky bamboo

This sweet, little bamboo specimen is known for its capacity to survive in the dingiest office cabins with minimal sunlight, provided you change its water regularly and expose it to indirect sunlight every once in a while. It is also ideal for gifting since, according to a popular legend, lucky bamboo is the gift that keeps on giving good fortune provided you don’t end up killing it. It is known to bring good fortune and prosperity for at least a year. That is, unless it dies, in which case you’re doomed for the next 29 years of sheer bad luck.

(Costa farms)

7) Peace Lily

The symbol of tranquillity and serenity, the peace lily brings good sleep by absorbing airborne mold spores that are common allergens. The beautiful white bud-like body of the plant elevates feelings for calmness and spreads positivity in the household. Caring for the swathed plant is also very easy. An evenly moist, well-drained soil with at least 55 degrees temperature will be enough for the plant to yield beautiful white flowers every 2-3 days.

(the joy of plants)

8) Cacti and succulents

Personal favorites, a range of cacti, and succulents on your study desk or the coffee table will add a chic look to your home. The two come in a range of colors and sizes to chose from and require very little care. They need to be watered at least once a week and flourish well under direct sunlight. You can place rocks and pebbles on your soil to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your succulents.

(source: forbes) 


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