Planting in a Pandemic: Bring the great outdoors inside

While the entire world seems stuck in a rut for most of 2020, how is an average person cooped up in their pigeon hole dealing with the chaos of the isolation period?

Is binging on your favorite snacks no longer helping? Sick of browsing mindlessly through Netflix? Have all the quarantine photoshoots lost their charm? Well, we have just the solution!

Move over the dullness of it all. There’s a new, sustainable lockdown hobby in town! Gear up to become a plant parent! There is no better time than right now to invest in some good houseplants that go well with your personality and the aura of your living space. When it comes to choosing the right plant friend, the options are endless.  

To fill the lack of structure and routine in the hopelessness of it all, gardening has been the holy grail of positivity in isolation.  

With hundreds of species, shapes, sizes, and uses, the plant kingdom is quite a big one. The factors that play a significant role in picking your plant buddy hugely depend upon the plant’s aura, its benefits, and the amount of care it requires.

While it all may seem overwhelming at first glance, we’ve pieced together an all-time favorite list for all you eager plant parents or if you’d like to make another green addition to your family. Tap into your plant persona suiting your lifestyle and space –


Channelise your Emotions


An American study proved that people who spend time tending to plants are more likely to be empathetic and caring. The smallest act of merely touching a plant itself helps soothe our nerves. Plants like Roses, Daisies, and Lilies are known to be stress busters and also provide stability.


Shoo the Soreness Away


If you are prone to regular body aches and sore muscles, plants like Philodendron, feverfew, and croton are most suitable as they facilitate pain relief. A quick dash of leaves of these plants can keep the headaches at bay as well.


Sound Sleep


Certain plants may enhance sleep quality by improving the room temperature of any given space. Gardenia and snake plants are some hassle-free choices to opt for if you’d like low maintenance plants that also help you maintain a healthy sleeping pattern and fix the room temperature.


Breath Easy


Indoor air is usually defiled with pollutants and airborne mold, which causes the room to feel stuffy and uneasy. Plants like Peace Lily, Boston’s fern, and Devil’s Ivy ensure improved air quality and renders a pollutant-free zone. These plants also thrive in all kinds of temperatures and minimal light.


Grow and Glow

The Areca Palm and Eucalyptus prove to maintain just the right amount of humidity content and absorb pollutants, thus providing fresh air. That makes them helpful in minimizing upper respiratory tract diseases and much more.

All these plants are readily available at your local nursery or plant shops. Buying your plant is the initial step. Taking care of the green friend and keeping them healthy is a whole new ballgame.


Basic Guide for a Plant Parent


Now that you’ve enthusiastically gotten your green members home tending to them is the next most crucial step to keep your babies lush and growing. How exactly can you achieve that?

  • Start by placing them in the right setting and corner, depending on factors like the amount of daylight it needs, water routines and temperature required for your leafy greens to thrive.
  • Set some time apart to tend to your plant buddy regularly during the week. A few moments with your houseplants can indeed give you that surge of positive energy and proves to be therapeutic. 
  • Put on a fun playlist while you’re at it. Watering or looking after your plant is never a tedious chore unless you make it one. Plus, your plants will appreciate some good Led Zeppelin too!


Nature is known to be nurturing and comes with ‘no judgments.’ All things leafy tend to help spruce up cute corners of your house, engage you in a routine of caring for them, which proves to be grounding and a source of stability. Indulging in the plant parent lifestyle injects some much-needed connection with Mother Nature in the comfort of our homes and mentally relax from the aesthetics and the act of caregiving.

Prepping for your desired aesthetic with plant arrangements takes a little consideration as well. 


Plan your Aesthetic


Take it easy by slowly adding to your indoor plant collection according to the space and the amount of natural light level your corners get.

Don’t hesitate to bunch them together or do a mini hanging decoration with certain creepers. Plants look great in a bunch and add a charm to the overall vibe.

Investing in houseplants and gardening is slowly gaining momentum and for all the right reasons as well! The comfort of connecting with nature helps wash away the isolation blues and gives us a chance to fuel a hobby that adds nothing but sunshine and good vibes into our lives! Plan your trip to the nursery soon and grow your little natural haven in the house.


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