Archaeologists unearth 18th dynasty tomb in Egypt

Cairo, March 11:

US archaeologists, with the help of the Egyptian antiquities ministry, have uncovered an ancient tomb in southern Egypt, according to media reports.

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The tomb was discovered in Gorna, on the west bank of river Nile, near the city of Luxor and experts believe that it likely dates back to the era of the 18th Dynasty, between 1554 to 1304 B.C.

The tomb might belong to a man called “Sa-Mut” and his wife “Ta Jait”, who lived during the reign of the New Kingdom under the 18th Dynasty, the Egyptian antiquities ministry said in a statement.

The walls of the crypt depict several scenes reflecting daily life in ancient Egypt, in addition to scenes celebrating the activities of the tomb’s owner and his family, and ceremonies.

The tomb is considered unparalleled in revealing quotidian details of the era.

The tomb might have been plundered in the past, as some hieroglyphic texts and scenes were deliberately erased, the statement added.

A week ago, Egyptian authorities announced the discovery of the tomb of the gatekeeper of the ancient god Amun, which also dates to the 18th Dynasty. That discovery was made by the same archaeological team. IANS

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