Bank holidays on these five days in November; check details

Mumbai/Bhubaneswar: As only a few days left for the month of November to end, bank customers need to know the dates on which banks will remain closed. As per the holiday list, banks will remain closed for another five days in the rest of the month.

However, internet banking services will be available to bank customers throughout the month. Anyone can not deposit or withdraw cash from bank branches due to the holidays. Using the ATMs or mobile banking services, someone can deposit cash or transfer cash. Withdrawal of cash from ATMs will lessen the woes of bank customers.

According to the Reserve Bank of India, the bank holiday list can be categorized into three types.

The holiday list for the remaining month is as follows:

Banks have been closed on November 21, 2021 which is a Sunday. In Bengaluru, banks will be closed on occasion of Kanakadasa Jayanthi. On occasion of Seng Kutsnem, banks will remain closed in Shillong.

Apart from state-wise holidays, the banks across the country will remain closed on following days in the month of November:
November 27: Fourth Saturday and November 28: Sunday.

The bank holiday list further mentioned banks will be closed for seven days in the month of December.

In Panaji, banks will remain closed on the occasion of the Feast of St. Francis Xavier. On the other hand, in Aizawl and Shillong, banks will be closed on December 18 on account of the death anniversary of U SoSo Tham on December 18.

On December 24, banks will be closed in Aizawl and Shillong in Christmas. Similarly, banks in all places except Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar will remain closed on December 25.

In Aizawl, banks will be closed on December 27 due to the Christmas holiday. On December 30 and 31, banks will remain closed due to U Kiang Nangbah and New Year’s Eve, respectively.

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