Butterfly Beach, Goa – Everything you need to know about It

We bet the title got you thinking about all the Goa plans you dreamed of. The ones that were successful, wherein you had the time of your life and even the failed ones that never actually worked out. There’s no denying that Goa is India’s favorite vacation spot. There’s a special place in our hearts for the bliss of the beaches at Goa.

The Coastline of Goa stretches to 160 kilometers and has a total of 48 beaches. We have all heard about the famous beaches such as Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, and Palolem. Let’s talk about the hidden gem of South Goa, ‘The Butterfly Beach’. 

butterfly beach

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Ever since I heard about the place, I have always wondered how the beach got its’ name. Let me break it for you here. The Butterfly Beach is called so because the shape of the valley in which it is ensconced is similar to that of a Butterfly. The Butterfly Beach is located between the beautiful Palolem and Agonda beaches of South Goa. Well, that’s not the only reason behind the name of this beautiful beach.

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the Butterfly Beach of Goa is a delight to the eyes. It is one of the most captivating places in Goa with breathtakingly beautiful views and aquatic life. Apart from its’ exceptional shape, the beach is known for the acrobatics of the dolphins around the beach and millions of butterflies flying over the hilltop.

How Can You Reach Butterfly Beach?

  • A two-hour trek from Palolem:

If you are in the mood to kick in the spirit of adventure again, taking a two-hour trek from Palolem beach is the best option for you to reach Butterfly Beach. The travelers opting for this trek will have to find their way through brooks, steep climbs, fields, and forested areas.

butterfly beach

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  • A ferry from Palolem and Angoda Beaches:

This option is most suitable for those who want to rejoice and bask in the serenity of the beaches at Goa. You can select from a range of basic boat options and luxury yachts. The to and fro journey will cost you around 1000- 1200 INR.

Best Time To Visit Butterfly Beach

The best time to plan a visit to Butterfly beach is from November to March. You can enjoy the beach to its’ fullest as the weather is pleasant during these months. During the low tide period, you can witness sea urchins, redfish, goldfish, and sea cucumbers at Butterfly Beach. 

Imagine the magnificence of a sight where millions of butterflies are harboring over the beach and dolphins are playing at the shore of the beach. Remember that Monsoons are a bad time to visit the Butterfly Beach because all the routes to reach the beach will be blocked during this time.

Things To Do at The Butterfly Beach:

  • Boat Riding:

Life’s most cherished moments are the ones when you feel your heart at its’ full content. The boat riding experience at Butterfly Beach can surely be one of the moments of your life. You can spend 1-2 hours sailing above the serene blue seawater. 

  • Snorkeling:

Experience the aquatic life at its’ best with snorkels and swim fins. If you know how to swim, you should definitely experience snorkeling at Butterfly Beach. 

  • Kayaking Ride:

Paddle forward to the good times as you experience the Kayaking Ride at Butterfly Beach Goa. If you are a person who loves a mix of adventure and serenity, this is definitely the best way for you to spend your time at Butterfly Beach.

butterfly beach

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  • Enjoy a beach-side picnic:

The butterfly beach is also known as the Honeymooners Beach. It is a secluded place and not many visitors come here frequently. This reason makes the beach a favorite spot for many couples. You can carry some essentials and plan a picnic here with your partner/ friends or family.

  • Witness Breathtaking Sunsets:

The Butterfly Beach has certain spots for you to sit and relax as nature pleases you with mesmerizing views of the sunsets.

  • Spot The Butterflies:

We’ve said this before and we will say it again. The marvels of nature are far beyond what humankind has witnessed. At Butterfly Beach, Goa, you will be spellbound as you spot different species of butterflies. 

  • Play With the Dolphins:

Experience life from a different perspective as you get a chance to see the dolphins enjoying themselves between the splashes of the sea.

Things to Carry At Butterfly Beach:

  • Picnic Basket: 

As we mentioned that the Butterfly beach is a secluded place, if you plan on spending long hours here, it would be a smart idea to carry a picnic basket with some snacks, water bottles and eatables as you won’t be able to find any shops nearby. 

  • A Blanket:

If you are planning to visit in the Winters, make sure you carry a blanket to the Butterfly Beach. It gets a little windy and you can always have a warm and cozy time while curling up at the beach.

  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen:

While visiting the Butterfly Beach during the early hours of the day, it is highly recommended that you carry your sunglasses and sunscreen to stay protected from direct sunlight.

Tips For Travelers:

  • Bargain with the boatsman:
    Always try and do this. Be reasonable and the boatsman will eventually come around and agree with you. 
  • Don’t stay for too long:
    As the secluded beach is surrounded by dense forest areas, it gets dark early here. Therefore, it is advised to leave before late evening to avoid any mishaps.

When normalcy kicks in and you are all set to plan your next Goa trip, you will miss out big time if Butterfly Beach is not on your list. Plan a trip to the beautiful beach and thank us later! 


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