COVID-19 hotspot Ganjam crosses 5,000-mark; toll at 50

The district, which shares 31.6 % of the total cases in the state, has been reporting positive cases in three digits every day since July 1.

Berhampur: While Odisha is witnessing a rising trend in COVID-19 positive cases in the recent past, the situation is alarming in Ganjam district, which shares 31.6 % of the total cases in the state. Today, the district reported 231 cases.

The first case in the state was reported from Bhubaneswar on March 15. After remaining in Green Zone for nearly two months, Ganjam reported its first case on May 2 and in a short span of time, the tally crossed 5000-mark. So far, the southern district has reported 5098 cases and 50 COVID deaths.

Since July 1, the district has been registering COVID-19 cases in three digits every day with highest 320 recorded on July 10. In the last 10 days, it has registered 2477 cases.

As per the information shared by the district administration, the 50 COVID deaths include 7 Corona Warriors and two working journalists. 

Worth mentioning, the district has been witnessing a quantum jump in positive cases following influx of migrants from Surat. More than two lakh migrant workers have returned to the district from various states, mainly from Surat in Gujarat.

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While most of the positive cases detected in May and early June were reported from quarantine centres in the district, majority of the cases were reported from outside the quarantine centres since late June.

Though the record spike in positive cases with most of them being locals contacts indicates at community transmission in the district, the administration yesterday claimed the situation in the district is improving as 2564 of the 3066 villages are under Green Zone and only 502 are under Red Zone.

Keeping the alarming situation in view, the administration took precautionary measures like shutdown and sealing of the district border. Around 200 health teams, each comprising a doctor and two Anganwadi workers were recently engaged in contact tracing and doorstep health screening in the district.

Meanwhile, the state Government yesterday announced 15-day shutdown in four districts, including Ganjam and Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC) area till July 31,


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  1. Biswa Ranjan Maharana says

    Hello Sir,

    I really thank the administration for the efforts been put in to improve the situation in Ganjam and I also understand it’s not an easy task. I would like to bring it to attention that situation on the ground is very chaotic. My brother has been tested covid positive 3 days go and opted for home quarantine. However there has been no visit or telephone call from any doctor or facility till date to check his symptoms or to prescribe any medication. He is on medication prescribed by near and dear contacts only with no recommendation on treatment from doctor. I hope things will improve soon with the above mentioned strategy.

    We family members are trying to boost my brother’s moral ourselves however none from administration have connected us to educate or encourage us about the situation, medication and do’s / don’ts. Social media is the only way for us to understand how to perform a home quarantine. This really brings the moral down of the patient. I hope this situation will improve with the introduction of telemedicine service mentioned above not just for the patient but for the family who is taking care of him.

    After my brother test covid positive, others in the family got really scared and wanted to get their covid tested. However when we discovered the covid testing facility, we couldn’t dare to get inside. It’s painful to find that the testing facilities are so unmanaged and unhygienic in Berhampur that a healthy person would get sick after spending few moments there. I hope administration is aware of this situation and is already planning to put necessary measure to improve the safety and cleanliness of the testing facilities.

    I understand this unprecedented situation has brought us to witness many such painful things that we have ever imagines. I appreciate the rapid steps taken by the administration and I really pray it will bring Berhampur and Ganjam situation under control very very soon. I have a humble request, please let’s take a step towards treating individual as people and not as crowd. I really don’t think we have any scarcity of man power, skillset or volunteers in Orisha. I am sure we will come out of it very soon.

    My humble salute to all the doctor, nurses, support staff and all the covid worries who are serving the mankind night and day risking their own life. Thank you.

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