Cyclone Jawad: Expected damages & advisory issued by IMD

Bhubaneswar: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted the impacts of the cyclonic storm Jawad, which is likely to reach north Andhra Pradesh­-Odisha coasts by the morning of December 4.

Impact expected:

  • Localized flooding of roads, inundation and water-logging in low-lying areas and closure of underpasses mainly in urban areas of the affected region.
  • Occasional reduction in visibility due to heavy rainfall.
  • Disruption of traffic in major cities due to water-logging of roads leading to increased travel time.
  • Minor damage to kutcha roads.
  • Damage to vulnerable structures.
  • Localized landslides/Mudslides.
  • Damage to horticulture and standing crops in some areas due to inundation.
  • Riverine flooding in some river catchments

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 Action suggested:

  • Check for traffic congestion on your route before leaving for your destination.
  • Follow any traffic advisories that are issued in this regard.
  • Avoid going to areas that face water-logging problems often.
  • Avoid staying in vulnerable structures.
  • Harvest the ripen crops like paddy and horticultural crops and also secure the harvested crops securely from the damage due to rain and strong winds.
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