Dad secretly films daughter taking selfies, posts on YouTube

New York, Aug 27 :

Parents who are tired of their children clicking selfies all the time, this father may have a way to curb the habit: by making a secret video of your child while he/she is busy making a selfie to their embarrassment later!
SelfieThe father, Rod Beckham, saw his daughter holding her own selfie session in the back of the car from the rear view mirror.

He decided to capture the selfie shoot surreptitiously as his daughter was busy clicking self-portraits with an astonishing array of facial expressions.

Unfazed, the daughter once looked at her father, paused for a second before returning to her selfie shoot.

Bechkam later uploaded the selfie video on Youtube that has been viewed over 22,000 times, inviting a series of comments, media reports said.

“Stop humiliating yourself online… that’s my job – Every parent today,” one user wrote.

“I normally only see those kinds of facial expressions when watching documentaries about monkeys on Animal Planet'” said another.


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