Education key to ending child labour: Nobel laureate Satyarthi

New Delhi, Oct 30 :

Nobel laureate and child rights champion Kailash Satyarthi Thursday said governments around the world “must invest” more on education to eradicate child labour and “build a peaceful society”.

Kailash Satyarthi
Kailash Satyarthi

“I strongly believe in good quality education for all the children of the world. So, the international community, the governments, families must invest more on education for the children,” Satyarthi told IANS.

“Education is the key to liberation, sustainable development and eventually to a peaceful society,” he said during the inauguration of an exhibition on Nobel laureates, titled “Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World”, at the Nehru memorial museum here.

Satyarthi said his winning the Nobel prize has put the spotlight on the issue of child labour and “boosted the morale” of hundreds of thousands of people working for child rights around the globe.

“This (prize) has helped in highlighting the issues of child slavery, child education, exploitation of children and their education. I have never witnessed such a response from the people, the media and the government.

“It has boosted the morale of hundreds of thousands of workers engaged in this cause not only in India but all over the world and I have been getting calls from everywhere,” Satyarthi said.

“Their determination and trust in their own work has definitely increased,” he said.


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