Escaped Tamarin monkey captured near Odisha zoo

Bhubaneswar: The male Tamarin, a rare species of monkey, who had escaped from enclosure at Nandankanan Zoological Park last week, was captured near the zoo this morning on outskirts of Bhubaneswar.

After continuous efforts by the Nandankanan officials to trap the animal, the monkey was finally caught after five days.

The Tamarin monkey had fled from the quarantine on the premises of zoo on August 2 while the officials on duty opened the gate to provide food in the afternoon.

The animal was first spotted on a tree behind the quarantine on the same day following escape. The zoo officials had planned to catch him next morning on August 3, however, all their efforts went in vain as the monkey was too clever to hide himself in the bamboo trees located in the forest.

Although, the officials spotted the monkey near the quarantine on Saturday, he later disappeared in the forest.

They made a new trick to catch the monkey with help of a net by cutting bamboo trees on Sunday. The plan also failed.

However, the officials succeeded to catch the money on Monday morning from the forest area.

Notably, a pair of Tamarin monkeys was brought to the Nandankanan zoo for the first time from Madurai in Tamil Nadu in March this year.

The squirrel-sized Tamarins are found in southern Central America, northwestern Colombia and the Amazon basin.

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