Happy Promise Day 2022 Wishes, Quotes, Messages and WhatsApp status

In Valentine’s week from February 7 to 14, the Promise Day is celebrated on February 11 every year. Promise Day is the 5th day before celebrating the love with beloved on Valentine’s Day.

Send Promise Day greetings to your partner via phone and chats to celebrate this romantic week with trust, dedication and commitments.

Here’s the Collection of best of Happy Promise Day Wishes and messages for lovebirds:

  • On the occasion of Promise Day, I want to give you my word that you will always have a very special place in my heart.
  • Warm wishes on Promise Day to you. I will always be there for you, whenever you need you because I promise to love you.
  • I Love You More than I ever thought I could, I promise to give you all that I have as long as I live. Happy Promise day to you dear.
  • I swear on anything that I will stand by you no matter what storm comes, no matter if the wind is rough, I will hold your hand and walk with you in all difficult times and joy. Happy promise day to you dear.
  • Love is an unconditional promise made by heart, which is silent, unwritten and unspoken. I promise you that I will love you all throughout my life and walk with you with your hand held tight. Happy promise day.
  • Love is a language spoken by heart, seen through eyes, and expressed through words. I promise to love you wholeheartedly and live with you all my life.
  • I promise that we won’t fall into boring routines and will keep our relationship fun and interesting.
  • I will always love you and keep you happy my sweetheart. I want to be with you in every happy and sad moment. Happy promise day.
  • I will be a smile on your lips, the wind that plays with your hair, sparkle in your eyes and love in your heart. On this day I promise that I will be every reason for your happiness.
  • I dreamt of someone who will complete my life. When I opened my eyes I saw you walking into my life. I promise that I will fulfill all your dreams make every dream come true.
  • I will love you with my heart and soul. I will never leave your hand no matter what happens. Happy promise day 2022.
  • We will be together in good times and bad times. I will never leave your hand in joy and sorrow. I promise on this day that I will be yours forever.
  • I want to promise you that I will be yours, my heart will throb for you, my soul will be with you and love you forever. Happy promise day
  • Love me without fear, trust me without a question, I promise, I will be yours forever. Happy promise day.
  • Love is the happiness of today and promise of tomorrow. On this promise day, I swear that I will love you forever all through my life.
  • As long as the sun shines bright, the stars twinkle in the night, I will be yours and only yours for ever. Happy promise day.
  • We met by luck, we spoke by chance, we love each other by destiny, but we will live together is my promise. Happy promise day.
  • I will be your light of the lamp, I will be your reason to smile, will be a reason for the twinkle in your eye. I will love you always.
  • I will love you more and more with every moment passing by and as we grow old. Our love will remain fresh and pure even as we age.
  • You are as sweet as a rose but, cute as a kitten, bright as a star. You will always be special for me. I promise to love you forever.

Happy Promise Day status for WhatsApp and Facebook:

  • If you feel like crying, call me. I may not be a reason to wipe your tears, but will surely make you laugh.
  • I may not solve all your problems, but I promise that I will never let you face them alone.
  • We are meant to be together in all good and bad times. Let’s promise each other of togetherness.
  • You will never be left alone, you will never laugh alone. You will not wipe your tears yourself. I will be there with you in your joy, sadness and every moment. Happy Promise day.
  • Promises are very easy to make but very difficult to keep but when you have love in your heart, you always keep your promise.
  • Genuine promises are the key to Success and success is brimming with promise till one gets it and then it appears like a home from which the winged creature has flying. Happy Promise Day.
  • Speaking without Egos, loving without intentions, caring without expectations, I promise you that you will be mine always.


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