Hire a henchman through an app!

Beijing, April 25

There is a smartphone app for availing almost every service these days – even for hiring a goon. A new app will actually let you order a thug to beat up someone you don’t like. The app is available only in China as of now.

man using mobileThe app, called “Didi Da Ren” or “Didi Hit People”, started off as a satirical video, but now folks can actually use it to hire for hitting to attacking their enemies, Want China Times reported.

The app is available in several third-party Android app stores in China, but thankfully some stores are already removing it.

According to the newspaper, the app’s description said that it offered the services of gym coaches, retired soldiers, gangsters and outlaws.

The company behind the app, Changsha Zhang Kong Information Technology Limited, is claiming it’s not connected to the video and that the app should be used for posting ads helpful for odd jobs and social networking.

But, the newspaper reports said that it’s not completely true. (IANS)

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