Know the nail art trend catching up in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: When confused about how to accessorise your look, nails decked up in colours and shimmers can help. Dipped in colours, caviar beads, glitter and studs, they can make heads turn no matter how simply you dress.

With nail art becoming the latest fashion fad in Odisha capital, Odisha Sun Times spoke to a few artists on the popular designs trending among youngsters and the connoisseurs.

Picture Courtesy: Makeup by Romma

Subhashree Hati, owner of Makeup by Romma, said nude ombre works best for everyday look. “It is the gradual blend of one nude shade into another. This is quite in-demand and doesn’t need much care,” she said.

Picture Courtesy: Lovely nails / Facebook

Chrome nails, also known as mirror nails, are also a rage. “It gives your nail a glossy look. The vibrancy is often eye-catching,” Subhashree added.

Picture Courtesy: Make Up by Romma

Studs and stones work best for parties and functions, said Sheena Kaur, who runs Poshh Nails in Bhubaneswar. “You can improve your glamour quotient with glitter polishes and studs. When going for studs, it’s important to know what colour would go with the stones. Most often, customers pick up bright shades,” she said.

Picture Courtesy: Poshh Nails/ Facebook

One can also do nail art at home by themselves. “Polka dots or stripes are the simplest and can be tried at home. If you’re good at art, there’s a lot of creativity you can do with your paintbrush and colours,” Sheena added.

Picture Courtesy: Poshh Nails/ Facebook

With the help of paint brush, acrylic paint and nail polishes, Rose Biswal, a homemaker, creates beautiful nail art. “It’s my hobby. When my child is asleep or I am done with my daily chores, I take out paint brushes and colours to try different designs like stripes, dots and glitters on my nails,” she said.

Picture Courtesy: Rose Biswal/ Facebook

Floral designs never go out of fashion. “French manicure and some very basic nail art can also give your nails a whole different look,” Romma said.

Picture Courtesy: Make Up by Romma

For designs to stay longer, proper care is important, said Sheena. “Refilling is possible after three weeks. I would advise women with nail art to avoid working too much in water or use nails as a tool to open boxes,” she added. Romma further said applying cuticle oil regularly is also a must.

Picture Courtesy: Makeup by Romma

Various nail trends are slowly being introduced in the city and nail piercing is one of them. “I am yet to try it out but it sounds exciting. Within a few months, I’m pretty sure nail piercings will be in fashion here,” Romma expressed.

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Not to worry if you do not have long nails, nail extensions and fake nails is all you need to try out these patterns.

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