Nandankanan toy train develops snag again; service halted

Bhubaneswar: The toy train facility launched at the Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar to give a fun ride to visitors has turned out to be an embarrassment for second time.

While the toy train carrying 22 passengers was crawling on its track, suddenly it halted midway. Finding no option, the passengers walked on the track to return to the station.

After being informed, the zoo authorities arranged special vehicles to carry back the stranded toy train passengers.

Assistant Conservator of Forests of Nandankanan, Sarat Behera said the toy train fare was returned the passengers. He cited failure of the battery as the reason behind the halting of the toy train.

Asked whether the toy train service will be resumed tomorrow, Behera added the scene is not clear yet. Before resuming the service, there will be a trial tomorrow, he said.

RITES, a Government of India enterprise, had commissioned the toy train service in the zoo.

Earlier, on October 15, the toy train caught fire following which the ride facility was suspended. Around 60 visitors onboard the toy train had a narrow escape.

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Short circuit in the engine led to the accident, following which the toy train halted midway.

The toy train ride facility at the zoo had commenced on October 8, after a gap of several years. It has four bogies with capacity for 74 passengers.

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