Odisha tragedy: Trains resume operation on affected route

Bhubaneswar: The first train has commenced its journey on the Balasore section, where a tragic accident occurred resulting in the loss of at least 275 lives.

The train, a goods train carrying coal destined for Rourkela Steel Plant from Vizag port, departed at approximately 10:40 pm on Sunday.

It is noteworthy that this train is operating on the same track where the Bangalore-Howrah train met with the unfortunate incident last Friday. The accident involved a collision between the Howrah-bound train and the overturned bogies of the Coromandel Express, which had previously crashed into a stationary freight train.

Ashwini Vaishnaw shared the news of the downline restoration on Twitter, stating, “Down-line restoration complete. First train movement in section.” Shortly after the downline restoration, the upline was also restored within a span of just two hours.

The first train to run on the up line in the affected section was an empty goods train. It should be noted that the Coromandel Express had been traveling on this track before diverting into the loop line and colliding with the stationary goods train.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, visibly moved by the incident, expressed the determination to restore normalcy in the section. “Three trains, consisting of two down trains and one up train, have already departed from the section. We plan to run approximately seven more trains tonight. Our primary goal is to reunite the missing persons with their families as soon as possible. Our responsibility is not yet fulfilled,” he stated.

The restoration of train services marks a significant step towards recovery after the tragic accident. Efforts continue to ensure the well-being of affected individuals and their families.

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