Odisha youth comes up with innovative anti-theft system

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Nov 5:

With the law and order situation deteriorating by the day, an enterprising young man from Odisha has come up with a unique anti-theft home security solution that not only alerts the house owner, but also takes punitive action against the intruders.

Tracking India home security system santosh

Santosh, the innovator of the device, calls it ‘Tracking India Home Security System’.

While there have been many advanced security solutions by larger companies that alert home owners in case of a security breach, the uniqueness of this device lies in its capacity to scare away the intruders. Upon violation, it not only sprays tear gas but also blows a 220V electric shock on the violators.

Besides, another unique feature of this device is proper telephone integration, wherein, the home owners can speak to the intruders in case of a breach.

Apart from the new features, it does the regular tasks such as sounding alarms and sending notification calls to the house owners flawlessly.

The system can be implemented at homes, shops and other places that warrant advanced security. The device is installed at the main entrance and sensors are connected at other entrances where there are chances of intrusion. Once the home owner leaves the home and dials the security number programmed in the device, the sensors lock down the doors. It also turns off the lights inside the house.

In case of an intrusion, the security system sounds the alarm, turns on the lights of the house and makes a call to the owner’s number entered in the device. The home owner can speak to the intruders, hear all the sounds from the house and listen to the talks by the intruders. The tear gas spray and 220V electric shock comes into play if the intruders try to break the main door.

The device has been prices at Rs 25,000 rupees.

Notably, Santosh, resident of a small village named Terabatia near Uttara on Bhubaneswar suburbs, has been working on this project since 2006 without much outside technical or financial help. He had also developed another smart device to prevent vehicle theft earlier.

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