Remdesivir given to me twice in a day, alleges Odisha Health worker suffering from Covid

Sambalpur: Sheer mismanagement at Covid hospitals in Odisha has come to fore as a woman nurse afflicted with Covid-19 today alleged she has been administered Remdesivir injection twice in a day at a Covid hospital in Sambalpur district.

Purnima Kumbhar, Cathlab In-charge of Cardiology department of VIMSAR, Burla, alleged initially staff of the Covid centre administered her antibiotic Pipzo 4.5 gm after dissolving in a 10 ML syringe for two days. Ideally, Pipzo 4.5 gm should be given along with NS 100 ml within 15 minutes.

Kumbhar did not oppose the Covid centre staff giving wrong doses of Pipzo 4.5 gm to her as it has minor side effects.

Yesterday a female nurse of the Covid centre gave Remdesivir injection to Kumbhar and kept Pipzo injection and NS 100 ml on her bed. The female nurse asked Kumbhar to take the injections herself.

“Few hours later, another female nurse loaded the Remdesivir injection in a 10 ml syringe and tried to give me the injection. When I opposed and told her Remdesivir injection was administered to me half an hour ago, the female nurse argued with me. As I work as a health worker, I know Remdesivir can be given once in a day. I opposed the female nurse who pushed the syringe half way into me. Following my opposition, the female staff did not give the injection completely and left immediately,” Kumbhar alleged.

Meanwhile, another instance of paramedics dancing inside the ICU of VIMSAR Burla where Covid patients undergoing treatment has lent credentials to the allegations of Covid mismanagement in government-sponsored healthcare facilities. Read here: [WATCH] Staff Dancing Inside ICU Of Covid Hospital In Odisha With Critical Patients Around

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