Social media challenges to kill your boredom during COVID-19 lockdown

Bhubaneswar: Not stepping out of home has led to more hours on social media. Social media has come to our rescue more than ever and helping us cope with lockdown blues. People are now rising up to the occasion and taking up challenges and following viral trends on social media to kill boredom. Among the ongoing ones are Saree Challenge, Dalgona peg trend and Tiktok Plank Challenge among others.

Dalgona Peg Challenge:

One of trends until last week was Dalgona Coffee. Taking the trend ahead, netizens have given a quirky twist to the same replacing with whisky.

How to make Dalgona Peg?

Firstly, fill the glass a little above halfway with water. Then, take a cloth to cover the mouth and make sure the centre of the fabric touches the water and then slowly pour the whiskey into it. Now, slowly remove the cloth and your Dalgona Peg is ready.

Saree Challenge:

Many women have been tagged by friends and family to participate in the saree challenge in which one is asked to upload one of the best saree clad images and have to tag a friend and do the same. While all women look beautiful in traditional attire, the underlying meaning of the challenge is to look beautiful and add good gesture life and add beauty to it.

Tiktok Plank Challenge:

This challenge has gone viral on Tiktok , where the plank exercise is done to tighten up your core muscles. This is being done in a unique and challenging way. You have to do normal plank where you need to lift your body off the ground by putting your elbows on the ground for support. Then in alternate motions, try lifting yourself up with the support of your palm . This exercise encourages adults to get flat abs and look fit; teenagers are also actively taking part in this challenge.

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