Surgical operations in PoK and the need to tread carefully

By Saurjyakanta Padhi*

It is extremely important to perceive the political dispensation of Pakistan. Democracy is very fragile in Pakistan and unlike India, Army plays a very pivotal role in Pakistan’s political and administrative set up. All wars between Pakistan and India happened when Army Chiefs were at the helm or incursions were done at their instance without the knowledge of political establishment. In 1965, General Ayub Khan was at the helm of affairs, in 1971 General Yahya Khan and Kargil was occupied at the instance of General Pervez Musharraf without the knowledge of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister.


India should do nothing to weaken the political establishment of the Pakistan which is as such like a castle made out of clay. Frequent incursions in PoK, jingoistic talks in 24/7 channels, political slugfesting, cutting of cultural and social relationship would only encourage the Army to be more powerful in Pakistan and weaken the civilian government. The Jehadis are the partners of Army and work and operate at the behest of Army. This is an open secret. What the Indian Government must concentrate and do is to:

  • Put international pressure upon Pakistan not to indulge in State Army sponsored terrorism;
  • Increase the social and cultural relationship with Pakistan and PoK, but not with the political establishment of Pakistan;
  • Not to undertake and embark upon any water wars, media war with Pakistan and the 24/7 channels may be advised not to regularly call experts from Pakistan and indulge in media war in Televisions. Nobody should try to derive an advantage of a military action, not even the media;
  • If possible, revive cricketing relationship with Pakistan in neutral venues;
  • It is extremely important that India underplays its success of Army in surgical operations in PoK. Nobody would or should dispute the fact that there was surgical operation as the Army through its DGMO announced it. Army in India is apolitical and it is one of the most professional outfits and once the Army announced it, the issue stands closed. Simultaneously, the Ruling party should not flex its muscles and display its 56 inches as this would only lead to jingoistic comments and weaken the civilian government in Pakistan which would not be in the interest of India. You do not have to display your military efficacy and all such posters with Army people are absolutely undesirable, unethical and counter productive. Politicians, media people and the civil society of all hue should realize that this is a very sensitive issue which should not be tinkered with callously.


*SK Padhi is a senior lawyer. He may be contacted at [email protected]

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