Top Indian Startups Which Were in Limelight in 2020

India has proven to be an excellent hub for young startups. With a population in billions and the tech-led economy, one can foresee the expansive reach and success rates for a startup. Creative entrepreneurs have expanded their endeavours with their team members and reaching out to consumers. Most of these upcoming Indian startups have made a mark with breakthrough use of technology in industries like transportation, food delivery, finance, retail, and hospitality.

Some of these top-funded startups have gained international status by raising funds in billions. These companies have catered to the modern needs of the younger generation. They have infused the use of technology with smooth and efficient lifestyles. Most of them operate through apps and websites reaching out to millions of customers daily with a range of necessities. Their popular ratings for quality services keep the business steady with high success rates. Here is a list of top Indian startups of 2020.

  • Paytm

Paytm by One97 has been the most popularly used apps in India. It started as a money-exchange app but has recently expanded to multiple sectors in the commerce and retail industry. They offer transportation bookings, hotel reservations, and bill payment among many other services. They have also launched the Paytm Mall and Paytm Banks to cater to the needs of every household. It has also collaborated with other startups of the country that have performed well. Their total funding has hit a whooping benchmark of $4.4 billion.

  • Zomato

Zomato has been a popular food delivery service in India. Having developed an excellent app, Zomato has reached millions of households across the cities of India. You can book food delivery, search restaurants, and also reserve tables through the app and website.

Consumers can discover restaurants as per ratings and reviews provided by other consumers. Zomato has successfully expanded to more than 20 countries ever since it was launched in 2008. It has generated total funding of $914.6 million.

  • Ola Cabs

Ola is a  successful startup in the transportation industry, operating as a  ride-hailing platform. One can book a variety of vehicles from the online app, including cabs, bikes, and other local transportation. Through years of service, Ola has ensured safe and convenient transportation by maintaining transparency between drivers and riders. Apart from India, Ola also serves countries like the UK and Australia. It has earned funding of $3.8 billion.

  • Cure.Fit

Fitness has become a rising concern among the masses. Cure.Fit has made the best out of the health-conscious population. It has powered a holistic approach to fitness by incorporating aspects like exercising, eating well, and curing stress. There are different channels of the same, like the, which covers programs for fitness and exercising. For mental and psychological care, there is They conduct various digital events and challenges. They have created funding of $404.6 million.

  • InVideo

InVideo has been a successful startup to make videos easily. It is known as the largest video-making platform in the country and looks forward to becoming a massive player. This website has used the powers of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to promote entrepreneurs who work from home. It has generated funding of several million.

  • Oyo

Oyo has been extremely successful in working up its way in the travel and tourism sector. It has developed as a hotel chain that offers premium quality experiences for travellers’  stay across India. It has wonderfully delivered standardized hospitality for customers providing excellent portfolios. One can book an Oyo room anywhere in the country and also in neighbouring countries like Nepal, Malaysia, and Indonesia, among others. It has generated massive funding of $3.2 billion.

  • BYJU’s

As online education becomes more and more viable for the masses, multiple startups have worked up to deliver excellent services for students. BYJU’s has been among the most successful of online educational platforms in India. They have created a network of teachers and students, offering courses for competitions and exams conducted every year. They provide rich counselling along with quality study material for students. They have generated funding of $1.4 billion.

  • BigBasket

BigBasket has wonderfully covered the grocery and food requirements of regular households in India. The online platform works perfectly for daily shopping of fresh groceries, including items like vegetables, meat, dairies, and everything else required for regular care in a house. They offer fast delivery across multiple cities, creating a network of households with grocery sellers. They have generated total funding of $1.1 billion.

  • Swiggy

Swiggy is another food delivery platform which has become extremely popular in India. By providing excellent services to customers, standardizing restaurant quality and delivery speed, it has gained great reviews. The platform works by providing a curated list of food services across the city to serve freshly made food. Their promotional tactics have wonderfully overtaken competitors in the industry. It has generated total funding of $1.6 billion.

  • Razorpay

Razorpay has become a popular choice for payment transactions between businesses in India. It has developed a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform that can quickly process payments via multiple channels. It has ensured the security and safety of transactions for sellers and their customers. It has operated successfully in various online companies, including small retail sellers as well as large organizations. It has generated total funding of $31.7 million.

  • InCred

Various finance groups have used the advancements in technology and fields like data science to deliver quicker and efficient solutions. Most of us require taking loans to cover large expenses like education, transportation, and businesses. InCred focuses on making this experience smooth and hassle-free by focusing on the needs of their customers. It created tailor-made products for borrowers and offered flexible repayment for them. They have generated total funding of $116.9 million.

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