Controversial ‘100% Veg Butter Chicken’ Dish Sparks Debate Among Vegan and Vegetarian Communities

The trend towards a healthier lifestyle by adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet has been on the rise lately, and restaurants are taking notice. To cater to this growing demand, many establishments are introducing plant-based alternatives to traditional meat dishes. However, a recent screenshot shared by a woman named Aneetta on Twitter has caused quite a stir.

The screenshot taken from a restaurant’s menu on food delivery platform Zomato featured a dish called “100% Veg Butter Chicken.” Yes, you read that right.

Aneetta’s caption for the post read, “Spot what’s wrong,” which prompted a flood of hilarious reactions from Twitter users. The comments section was filled with jokes and puns about the idea of a vegetarian butter chicken.

Below are some of the replies.

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