What Made Carry Minati the Perfect Idol for Gen Z

It has now been more than a decade that Youtube has gained popularity as a platform. In the early days, nobody would have imagined for professions such as ‘Youtubers’ or ‘Creators’ to exist. But today, we know of countless successful people who are striving in their careers as famous YouTubers. 

There is a diverse range of segments for Youtubers ranging from comedy, lifestyle, travel, gaming, cooking, unboxing, and more. Today, India knows of many people successfully running their Youtube channels across all of these segments. 

 Carry Minati
Carry Minati

Talking about YouTubers in India, we cannot forget to mention ‘Ajey Nagar,’ more popularly known as CarryMinati. Today, he is one of the most popular Youtuber and streamers from India, having over 27.1 M subscribers for his Youtube channel and 10.3 M followers on Instagram. That is huge! Right?

In 2019, he was also named as ‘Next Generation Leader’ by TIME magazine. Are you wondering how he has managed to become so popular and gain such a huge fan base? What is it that makes the Gen Z audience adore him? There’s gotta be some solid reasons, right?

Before we go into stating the reasons, let us discuss a little brief about the Gen Z audience. The generation born between the years 1997-2012 is currently known as Gen Z. They are traced to be the most educated generation to date and are more diverse than any other generation.

That said about the fanbase, let us talk about what makes them adore CarryMinati:

An Early Starter:

carry minati

Source – Instagram

We often read about how starting early in life is a widespread trait among successful people. They do not wait for an ‘ideal’ age to begin something. Ajey (Carry) did that too. He started posting content on Youtube at the age of 10. Today, the Gen Z audience has complete access to the world at the ease of a click. Therefore, they do not need to wait to be ‘somewhere specific’ to start something. CarryMinati is somebody they can look up to as an example here.

Risk-Taking Ability:

If we dig into the defining characteristics of the Gen Z audience, we can gather that they are highly competitive. To be one step ahead of the world, one needs to possess a risk-taking ability. In 2016, Ajey dropped out of school, skipping his class XII board examination to pursue his Youtube career. Typically, this would be seen as a wrong step, but today, the Gen Z audience can see CarryMinati as someone who decided to choose his path and succeed. He continues doing that with his content too.

A High Achiever:

carry minati

Source – Instagram

While we already talked about competitiveness, we know that there are thousands and millions of people struggling in every field currently. May it be a professional or a passion-driven path, countless people get lost in the crowd. And well, Carry Minati is precisely the opposite of that! The Gen Z audience idolizes such high achievers because they can look up to them, visualize their experiences in their own lives, and focus on striving harder. So far, CarryMinati has won 5 YouTube creator awards and has only excelled in his field.

Relatability Factor:

Being a Gen Z guy himself, Carry Minati has the talent and ability to deliver content that is extremely relatable for the audience of his age. Similarly, acceptance comes easily from the audience’s end too. Think about it this way: When your dad advises you something, it might be initially hard for you to accept the fact, but when a friend tells you the same thing, you feel more relatable and reliable about it. 

A Strong Voice:

It has been proven that the Genz is the most culturally and racially diverse generation there has ever been. They believe in having a robust and opinionated voice and speaking up for things that matter. CarryMinati sees no bar while doing that. The audience resonates very well with the roasting videos and satirical parodies that he creates and uploads on his channel and when he speaks up about the topics in discussion.

ajey nagar

Source – Instagram

Recently, CarryMinati’s video roasting Amir Siddiqui gave rise to a controversy. Amir is a famous TikTok user who made a video displaying how Youtubers copy their content. In response to that, CarryMinati created a video titled ‘YouTube VS TikTok- The End. His video garnered over 70 million views. Eventually, Youtube had to take it down for violating its policy on harassment and bullying. 

Sure, the video leads to trouble for CarryMinati, but his fans stood by his side in support, more vital than ever.

The young creator has received much more than fame and success in his career. Recently, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was all praises about CarryMinati in an episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati. 

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