Young Indians prefer staying separately with spouse: Survey

New Delhi, March 23:

Young India is thinking beyond tradition and society norms, it was revealed in a survey which has deduced that men and women prefer to stay separately with their spouse after marriage.

COUPLE COOKINGThe survey, by matchmaking service, was conducted to understand the mindset of singles in India regarding marriage. As many as 8,500 responses — 4,617 women and 3,952 — were taken into consideration for the survey which was done on people aged between 24 and 34.

When single Indian women were asked about ‘Where they prefer living after marriage’, 64.1 percent of them said ‘Living separately with my husband’, while 29.6 percent said ‘Living with my in-laws’, followed by 6.3 percent said that ‘Living with my own parents’.

And when single Indian men were asked the same, 43.9 percent said ‘Living separately with my wife’. 54.3 percent of them said ‘Living with my parents’ and only 1.8 percent men said, ‘Living with my wife’s family’.

The survey also asked “Would you like your husband to move in with you and your parents”?

As far as women are concerned, 27.3 percent of them said “Yes”, followed by 30.1 percent saying “No” and 42.6 percent saying “May be”.

When the men were asked “Are you okay with moving in with your wife and her parents?”,
21.8 percent said “May be” followed by 4.7 percent who said “Yes” while 73.5 percent said “No”.

“We at have always believed in a marriage of equals. It is very interesting to see young India think beyond tradition and society norms,” Gourav Rakshit, COO,, said in a statement. IANS

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