6 ways to avoid bad hair day during monsoon

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jun 5:

Umbrellas and rain coats are out as the city is experiencing the first showers of monsoon this year. While the rain is welcome respite from the sweltering heat of summer, it sometimes takes a toll on our crowning glory.

Odisha Sun Times lists 6 hassle-free hair care solutions for the maintenance of your locks!

1. Avoid hair care products

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Though hair products like gels, serums and sprays may seem tempting to fight frizz and dryness, it is advisable to avoid these as they can cause dandruff and make your tresses greasy.

2. Say yes to “champi”

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Nothing is more relaxing than a nourishing and deep conditioning head massage with the good old hair oil. It will prevent dryness of the scalp and hair, aid blood circulation and increase moisture content in the roots of the strands.

3. Use mild shampoo

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Due to increased humidity in monsoon, perspiration makes the hair sticky. For a clean scalp, regular shampooing is a must, but with a product that has no chemicals in it. Also, go easy on the usage of conditioner, as excessive use may lead to hair fall.

4. Do not forget the comb

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To detangle your tresses after a head shower or if you are caught in torrential rain, a wide-tooth comb is your best friend. Let your tresses dry on their own, without the usage of hair dryers, before combing them in wide strokes. Hair styling products such as straighteners and curlers are a strict no-no during this time as they make the hair drier and frizzier.

5. Adjust diet

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Eating right and drinking sufficient water is the key to healthy hair all round the year. A protein-rich diet supplemented with omega-3 fatty acid (such as curd, walnuts, yogurt, bread, spinach, etc.) is vital for the well-being of your hair follicles. It is also the time to avoid junk food and caffeine and drink plenty of water to hydrate the scalp.

6. Carry an umbrella

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Rainwater has traces of dust particles and slight acidic content. To prevent exposing your hair to rainwater, carry an umbrella or cover your head with a raincoat car/hoodie.

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