Bhimatangi murder: Jagannath blames Priyanka for ruining his life in last WhatsApp message

Bhubaneswar: A day after the blood curdling incident of a married woman being murdered in capital city, a WhatsApp text message between Jagannath Pradhan and his elder brother has surfaced which could throw some light on the sequence of events leading to the crime.

In the last WhatsApp message before the incident, Jagannath Pradhan, the accused in Priyanka Priyadarshini Sahoo murder, stated he has lost his sanity and his former ‘girlfriend’s is responsible for his misery.

The conversation in Odia accessed by Sambad English read that he has lost his mental balance and does not desire to live anymore.

“Bhauja maa saman.
Sry bhauja mane.jadi kete bele mu majak re hau ki ragare hau tama mananku kn kahideichi nijara ae chota diara ku khyama krideba 🙏🙏🙏.au ragibani mo upare.kahinki na aji mu dunia chadi jauchi.ragile ta mu au nathibi.plz mate khyama karideba bhaja mane🙏🙏.bhagyare thile tama pari bhauja mane milanti.hele mo ta hata bhaga (sic),” he texted.

“Bada bhai mane bapa saman.
Mo bhai mane mate khyama karideba.ragare kete bele kn kahi vul ku dharibani.khyama karideba mate.🙏🙏🙏.au banchiba pn tk bi mora icha rinky jaha ku mu vala pauthili.sei mate pura barbad au banchiba paristire nathili.sry bhai mane mate khyama karideba,” he further said in the messaging platform.

Seeking an apology, he wrote that he has no wish to live further and has decided to end his life. Further, Jagannath blamed Rinki (Priyanka) for ruining his life. For all the upheavals, he lost his mental balance and was not in a position to lead a life, it read.

Earlier in the day, his mother told media that the duo was in a relationship prior to Priyanka’s marriage 7 years ago. However, they were not in touch after her marriage in 2014.

Jagannath relocated to Bangalore in search of work and began his life afresh. But, destiny had other plans. He returned to Odisha during the first phase of COVID-19 lockdown and stayed here owing which the duo established contact again.

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The accused’s mother claimed that Priyanka used to call her son and she was the one who tried to establish relationship again. It happened after she becoming the mother of a child, Jagannath’s mother alleged.

Jagannath – a resident of Mangalpur in Jajpur district – confessed to murdering the 26-year-old woman at her rented house in Bhimatangi Housing Board colony around noon. He slit the throat of the woman with a knife leading to her death on the spot.

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He also attempted to end his life by cutting his wrists and was found lying unconscious near the woman’s body.

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