BJD is a private limited party, says senior Odisha Congress leader

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Sep 20:

Senior Congress leader and former Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) chief Niranjan Patnaik described the ruling BJD as a ‘private limited party’ while reacting to today’s expulsion of former Finance minister and senior BJD leader Prafulla Ghadai from the party.

Niranjan Patnaik
Niranjan Patnaik

He, however, refused to comment further, saying it is an internal matter of the ruling party.

“BJD is a private limited party, it’s a totalitarian party. I don’t want to comment on what happened in their house because it’s their internal matter”, Patnaik told reporters when asked to comment on Ghadai’s expulsion.

On being asked whether the expulsion was ordered in an arbitrary manner, the senior Congress leader said, “I have already told you that the BJD is a private limited party. The decision of the managing director prevails in a private limited company, and that rule applies to the BJD.”

“Ghadai has to abide by it. What more can he do other than that?”, he asked.

“Whatever Prafulla Babu, who was the Finance minister and in the government for over ten years, has told Sambad speaks volumes on how the government has functioned in Odisha for the last so many years. It’s our bad luck that we are under such a government for such a long period”, Patnaik said.

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  1. Premlata Biswal says

    Poor people of Bhubaneswar, whose houses are demolished by BDA only to be given away to builders later, will never vote for BJD again. Congress was far better than BJD in all areas of governance.

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