Budget 2018-19: What will be cheaper, what will be dearer

New Delhi: In his last full budget before the general elections in 2019, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley raised the customs duty on items like cars and motorcycles, mobile phones, vegetable and fruit juices, and perfumes making them more expensive.

At the same time, the import duty on certain items like raw cashew nuts and solar tempered glass were slashed making them available at cheaper rates.

Following is the list of imported items that will become cheaper:

— Raw cashew nuts

— Select capital goods and electronics like ball screws and linear motion guides

— Solar tempered glass or solar tempered glass used for manufacture of solar cells/panels/modules

— Raw materials, parts or accessories for the manufacture of cochlear implants

The imported items that will become costlier are:

— Specified parts/accessories of motor vehicles, motor cars, motor cycles

— Cellular mobile phones

— Cut and polished coloured gemstones, diamonds, imitation jewellery

— Vegetable and fruit juices like orange and cranberry

— Perfumes and toilet waters

— Sunscreen, suntan, manicure, pedicure preparations; pre-shave, shaving or after-shave preparations

— Silk Fabrics

— Footwear

— Wrist watches, smart watches/wearable devices

— LCD/LED/OLED panels and other parts of LCD/LED/OLED TVs

— Miscellaneous items like candles, tapers, kites, sunglasses, cigarette and other lighters, and refined edible vegetable oils. (IANS)

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