COVID-19: Message asking to avoid ice-cream fake

New Delhi: There is no evidence that avoiding ice-creams could help in preventing the onset of coronavirus (Covid-19), the Press Information Bureau (PIB) said in a tweet on Monday.

The tweet was posted by PIB Fact Check, the official Twitter handle of PIB, which counters misinformation on government policies. The tweet is aimed to debunk rumours being spread through social media advising people to avoid ice-cream to prevent coronavirus.

“Another misinformation urging people to avoid ice-creams to prevent #Coronavirus is #Fake,” the PIB Fact Check tweet read.

“There is no evidence from the current #CoronavirusOutbreak which states that avoiding ice cream can help prevent the onset of the disease,” it added.

The clarification came after a post went viral on social media saying, “Do not eat cold foods for any reason. Avoid stuff like ice-cream.”

Earlier in the day, PIB Fact Check had said that a message saying “drinking and gargling with warm water mixed with vinegar and salt cannot help ward off coronavirus” was misleading.

The viral message had claimed that before reaching the lungs of humans, coronavirus remains in the throat for four days, leading to cough and throat pain in an affected person.

“Drinking lots of water and gargling with warm water with vinegar or salt might eliminate the virus,” the viral message said, asking the recipients to spread the information.

“This is fake news circulating on social media and WhatsApp,” PIB Fact Check said, advising people to refer to the Health Ministry’s website to obtain correct and authentic information.


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