Delhi all set to drench in Dola Yatra festivity at second edition of Odisha Parba

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: Come March 9, the lawns of India Gate in New Delhi will turn into a mini-Odisha. Keeping with the Holi festivities, the entrance gate of Odisha Parba – a three-day cultural extravaganza is being designed in shape of the traditional bimaan signifying the theme of ‘Dola Yatra’ – the festival of colours.

A replica of the three colourful chariots of Jagannath and his siblings had welcomed visitors to the inaugural edition of the cultural event last year.

Showcasing the rich culture and heritage of Odisha, the exhibition and coffee-table book to be released this year will focus on the struggle against the British, including those lead by Jayee Rajguru, Buxi Jagabandhu, with special emphasis on Odisha’s contribution to Gandhiji’s Non-cooperation Movement, Salt Satyagraha, Quit India Movement and the role played by Panchasakha. Besides, a multi-projection film, tracing the freedom struggle, will be screened.

Relief work of Barabati Fort, evoking the glorious past of Odisha, will form the backdrop of the grand stage, while the food court will be based on the theme ‘Baarah Maase Terah Paraba’. The platter will be full of Odia meetha, peetha, badi, papad, aachar, ghuguni, dahibara, chat, Odia thali and Odia paan.

Anchor of a popular cookery show Antaryami Panda will interact with the visitors at the food court and spread cheer.

An exclusive stall will be set up for sale of Jagannath Bhoga.

There will be sculpture gallery by internationally-renowned sculptor Sudarshan Sahoo and an exclusive art gallery shall showcase paintings by renowned artists of Odisha.

The culturally-rich Odisha and its rich folk tradition will be showcased in its full splendour during those three days with Odissi danseuse Aruna Mohanty, stand-up comedian Kuna Tripathy, contemporary music band of Krishna Beura, Abhijit Majumdar, Prem Anand, Diptirekha, Antara Chakraborty, Sharmistha, Bishnu Mohan Kabi and Avijeet Mishra, taking the stage.

Mughal Tamsa (Odia play) by Bansi Ballav Giridhari Natya Sansad, Bhadrak, Sambalpuri folk song and dance (Nachania, Dalkhai, Rasalkeli, Bazania, Maillazaada) by  ShriGangadhar Das, Akshaya Mohanty Special and other contemporary songs by Chitrabhanu Mohanty and Antara Chakraborty will be the other attractions.

On March 10, Odisha textiles and yarns will be put up for display during a fashion show orchestrated by President of Fashion Design Council of India Sunil Sethi.

The event is being organised by Odia Samaj, a socio-cultural organisation, to promote rich cultural and political ethos along with developmental priorities of Odisha, while bringing together the Odia community residing in and around Delhi NCR and strengthening the bond.

The last year’s event had witnessed a footfall of 1.5 lakh.

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