Home Garden Trends To Follow In 2021

We bet you’ve often heard that “Nature has healing powers.” Well, we agree on that for sure! However, it might be a possibility in the parallel universe; it is not a very feasible option for us to travel to the Himalayas or go to a serene beach every time we need a little breath of fresh air. In this case, people often resort to a walk in the neighborhood gardens. Now, with the new normal in pictures, that wouldn’t be a sage move. 

Therefore, a ‘home garden’ is precisely what you need! If you have some space in your balcony/ terrace/ porch or verandah, you can make use of it to cultivate your home garden. Before we look at the home garden trends, let us talk about why you should have one:

  1. You can grow your fruits and vegetables and enjoy more nutritious produce.
  2. It promotes self-sufficient in case of emergencies (We know this well now)
  3. Gardening reduces stress.
  4. Gardening results in a happier mood and happier lifestyle.
  5. Greenery helps purify the air around you.

We know these reasons are enough for convincing you to have a home garden. Here’s a list of notable home garden trends that will help you get started with your own:

  • Vertical Gardening:

Portland-based garden designer J.J De Sousa introduced vertical gardening to help incorporate green gardens into small spaces. If you have a small apartment or a vacant windowsill, you can quickly start with vertical gardening by 

  • Propagating plantain wall vases,
  • Arranging wall planters in your kitchen,
  • I am building a terra cotta planter wall on your balcony fence.
Vertical Gardening:
Vertical Gardening:
  • Sustainable Gardening:

Given that you have more space to use and allocate for a home garden, opting for sustainable gardening is a very clever move. Sustainable gardening is when you avoid using artificial and chemical-related materials and rely on 100% natural and natural options. Over the years, more gardeners have been switching to this method. Composting is a popularly adapted method while practicing sustainable gardening. Here are some reasons stating why you should do it too:

  • It helps in the reduction of carbon footprint.
  • It enhances the fertility of the soil.
  • It helps in composting green waste.
Sustainable Gardening
Sustainable Gardening
  • Balcony Gardening:

This trend has gained so much popularity during the lockdown that we now have over 121K posts on Instagram with #BalconyGardening. We’re sure you must have come across Instagram stories/posts or Pinterest pictures wherein people turn their balconies into beautiful looking gardens. Many people adopt a combination of artificial grass and natural plants for their balcony gardens. You can choose to plant big greens, small succulents, or both for your balcony home garden. Some ways for you to incorporate this are:

  • Get a picnic bench and set up a seating corner in your balcony garden.
  • Create an elegant floor seating in your balcony garden.
  • Add fairy lights to your balcony garden for creating a Pinterest-worthy cozy spot.

Some of the most popular plants and flower choices for a balcony garden are jasmine, lavender, foxglove, bamboo, jade plant, money plant, cactuses, and peace lilies.

Balcony Gardening
Balcony Gardening
  • Windowsill Garden:

If you are looking for a convenient way to plant your home garden, a windowsill garden is a sure-shot option. Imagine what a beautiful sight would be to look at a collection of beautiful plants across the window while you are cooking or enjoying your favorite television show. Choosing this method is also a wise option because a windowsill garden ensures direct sunlight for your plants. You can either:

  • Choose herbs, chili, kale, pea, onion, spinach, or coriander, which add to your cooking.
  • Tiny succulents such as aloe vera or cristatus.
  • Low maintenance plants like the snake plant, pothos, or Asparagus Fern.
Windowsill Garden
Windowsill Garden
  • Hanging Plants:

    To adopt this approach, you wouldn’t need a differently allocated space. You can choose a small corner in your living room or your bedroom to do this. Hanging planters look very fancy and can ultimately give your rooms a different twist altogether. You can choose to 

  • Buy Macrame plant hangers,
  • Use the same kind of pots with hooks- to follow a uniform theme, 
  • Make your DIY plant hangers.
Hanging Plants
Hanging Plants
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