Missing Indian climbers found dead on Mt Everest

Kathmandu, May 27:

Rescue officials on Friday found the body of missing Indian climber Paresh Chandra Nath above Mount Everest’s Camp IV.

pic: www.fggam.org
pic: www.fggam.org

Loben Sherpa, who had organised the expedition of four Indian climbers in Mount Everest, told IANS that a team of six Sherpas retrieved Nath’s body.
It was very difficult for bringing the body to the base camp due to bad weather, he said adding that the dead body of another Indian climber, Subhash Pal who also went missing with Nath, 58, Saturday, was spotted in the mountain’s triangular face.

“We have just come to know that the dead body of Pal was also spotted in the triangular face of Everest and efforts are underway to retrieve his body too,” Loben Sherpa added.

The body of another missing Indian climber, Goutam Gosh, 51, who also went missing on the same day, was reportedly seen above 8,000 metres while ascending Everest. But it has not been recovered yet.

Sunita Hazara, another Indian climber was rescued and is now undergoing treatment in Norvic International Hospital in Kathmandu.

The bodies of both Gosh and Pal, who belong to West Bengal, are lying above 8,000 meters in the death zone.

Sherpas are facing high-wind in the Everest zone and bring down the bodies.

The team of six Sherpa however has failed to move ahead from the Camp IV to retrieve due to bad weather.

With the death of three Indian nationals, the death casualties in Everest have reached five this year. (IANS)

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