Mundali tragedy: Post-mortem report reveals cause of death of elephant

Cuttack: The elephant that got stuck at Mundali barrage in the Mahanadi River and was later swept away died due to shock, revealed the post-mortem report.

The report submitted by Salipur Animal Resources official Dipak Senapati to the Forest Department revealed that the tusker had died 72 hours before the post-mortem.

The body of elephant was recovered from Jobra anicut on September 26 after the pachyderm was reportedly swept away in strong water current of Mahanadi River near Mundali barrage. Being separated from a herd while crossing the river, the tusker was found stuck in Mundali on September 24.

The post-mortem of the elephant was conducted on September 28 to ascertain the cause of its death.

An ODRAF boat was engaged to rescue the elephant on September 26. However, the rescue mission turned fatal as ODRAF staff Sitaram Murmu and young journalist Arindam Das onboard the power boat died.

Worth mentioning that elephants are good swimmers even in the sea. Amidst many questions are being raised over the decision to deploy ODRAF team in rescue operation of the tusker in Mundali barrage, wildlife experts have questioned the post-mortem report on death of elephant.

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