No pinpoint strikes carried out at terror launchpads in PoK: Indian Military

New Delhi: No pinpoint strikes on suspected terror launchpads in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) were carried out by India’s military, top government sources said on Thursday.

The Indian Army stated that there was no such action taken by the force in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Air Force, too, stated that they did not carry out any surgical strikes in PoK.

Soon after the reports that India was carrying out “pinpoint strikes” on suspected terror launchpads inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir came out, the Indian military clarified that no such action had been taken so far and the reports were inaccurate.

Media reports had appeared that India carried out strikes in response to Pakistan’s efforts to push maximum number of terrorists into India before the onset of harsh winters.

The media reports stated that the ‘deep state’ in Pakistan has tried to strike a fine balance between escaping scrutiny by global anti-terror watchdog FATF and supporting terror at the same time with an aim to fuel unrest in Jammu and Kashmir.

Media reports, that were refuted, quoted sources saying that intelligence-based targeted strikes were being conducted by the Indian Army to neutralise mostly Pakistani and foreign terrorists, and the collateral damage had been very negligible in these operations.

Both the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force have refuted the reports about strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.


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