Odisha’s freedom struggle and its heroes to find place at National Museum

Bhubaneswar: Contribution of tribal freedom fighters of Odisha in freedom struggle and information on major revolts in the state will be showcased at the National Museum of Tribal Freedom Fighters in Gujarat, said Union Minister of State for Tribal Affairs, Renuka Singh Saruta in Rajya Sabha today while replying to a question by Koraput MP Saptagiri Ulaka.

The Revolt of Surendra Sai (1839-62), Koraput Revolt: Laxman Nayak (1942-43), Revolt of Ganjam (1800-1805), Gumsur Revolt (1808-37) and Khond Revolt (1846-55) will find place at the museum, she said.

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India has given approval for setting up the museum at Garudeshwar village in Narmada district of Gujarat.

State Government of Gujarat has collected and compiled historical information and contributions of the tribal community leaders from various sources to represent facts and verified historical records in this museum through depiction of photographs, documents, paintings, lithographs and artefacts, such as guns, pistols, swords, shields, badges, medals, dioramas, sculptures, etc.

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