‘Pakistan ranks third in global human slavery’

Islamabad, March 1:

Pakistan ranks third among a list of 167 countries where human slavery is most severe, a media report said on Sunday.

Pic Courtesy: www.sbs.com.au
Pic Courtesy: www.sbs.com.au

“Pakistan stood on third position in the Global Slavery Index (GSI),” said Justice and Peace Commission Executive Secretary Hyacinth Peter here on Saturday, Dawn reported.

“Any kind of slavery is illegal and inhuman. High ratio of slavery in the country is a huge matter of concern and failure of state institutions to protect the rights of labourers.”

“Proper implementation of minimum wages, provision of social security and access to other facilities could stop bonded labour,” he said.

Peter said, according to the GSI, over two million people were enslaved in Pakistan.

Punjab and Sindh were “hotspots of bonded labour”, especially, in the brick manufacturing industry.

The sale and purchase of brick kiln labour has become a profitable job. Pakistan got freedom in 1947 but brick kiln labourers have not got freedom from bonded labour till date, he added.

Labour laws such as the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1992, are not implemented in the brick kiln industry. IANS

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