Odisha: Panels for surveillance of adverse events after immunization reconstituted

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government today reconstituted State-level and district-level committees for surveillance of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) following vaccinations. The decision was taken after the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare directed the States and UTs to reconstitute AEFI committees.

While the Director of Family Welfare and the State Immunization Officer were appointed as Chairman and Member Secretary of the State-level AEFI committee, the Chief District Medical & Public Health Officer and the Additional District Public Health Officer were given charge as Chairman and Member Secretary of the District-level AEFI Committees.

The government formed a 21-member AEFI Committee at the State-level and a 14-member AEFI Committee at the district-level.

Other members of the State-level AEFI Committee:

Jt. Director (Immunization); Jt. Director (IDSP); Drug Controller, Odisha; HOD, Paediatrics, Capital Hospital; HOD, Pathology, Capital Hospital; HOD, Microbiology, Capital Hospital,; HOD, Medicine, Capital Hospital; HOD, Pulmonary Medicine, Capital Hospital; HOD, SPM Department, SCB MCH, Cuttack; HOD, Neurology Department, SCB MCH, Cuttack; HOD, FMT Department, SCB MCH, Cuttack; HOD, Microbiology Deptt, SCB MCH, Cuttack; HOD, Cardiology Deptt., SCB MCH, Cuttack; HOD, Pulmonary Medicine Deptt, SCB MCH, Cuttack; HOD, Paediatric Deptt, SCB MCH, Cuttack; State Cold Chain Officer; Secretary, IAP, Bhubaneswar; Health Specialist, UNICEF, Odisha; SRTL, WHO, Bhubaneswar.

Other members of the District-level AEFI Committee:

Sr. Paediatric Specialist, DHH; Sr. Pathology Specialist, DHH; Sr. Microbiologist Specialist, DHH; Sr. Medicine Specialist, DHH; Sr. Pulmonary Medicine Specialist, DHH; Neurologist (DHH or Nearby Medical College); Cardiologist (DHH or Nearby Medical College); Epidemiologist of concerned district; Drug Inspector of concerned district; Member of Urban Local Bodies; Medical Officer I/C where AEFI occurred; Concerned Surveillance Medical Officer, WHO.

The Health and Family Welfare Department fixed roles and responsibilities for the State-level AEFI Committee.

1. Desk review of Case Reporting Formats (CRF), Preliminary Case Investigation Formats (PCIF) and Final Case Investigation Formats (FCIF) of each AEFI cases reported by the district

2. Field visit and inspection of vaccination site, cold chain stores etc as per need

3. Interviewing AEFI case /Relatives, treating Doctor /Staff, Vaccinator, member of District AEFI Committee if required to help in Causality assessment

4. Analysis of similar or cluster of cases in the State

5. To do causality assessment of reported AEFI cases as per guideline

6. Ensure State AEFI Committee meeting every quarter/ once in every month during COVID 19 vaccination or as and when required.

7. Periodic review of data base of AEFI cases

8. Support the Media Spokesperson for communication

9. Ensure minutes of meeting are being shared with Govt. of India on time

Also, the department fixed roles and responsibilities for District-level AEFI Committees.

1. Investigate each AEFI cases within the timeframe by the district authority and document the relevant information in prescribed format.

2. The classification of AEFI cases should be discussed by the Committee before submission to State and national level and uploading in safevac portal.

3. Verify all relevant documents of each AEFI case to improve the quality of AEFI surveillance.

4. Ensure to conduct Post Mortem / Verbal autopsy in case of death.

5. The Hospital records, laboratory investigation, PM report (in case of death), Viscera analysis report (in case of death) with PCIF/ FCIF

6. Visit field for AEFI investigation in case of need.

7. Ensure all minor AEFI cases are documented in block level AEFI register.

8. Conduct District AEFI Committee meeting every month or in case need and submit proceedings of meeting to State.

At present around 250 Covid vaccine candidates in various stages of development.

Preparations are underway for conducting Covid-19 vaccinations in states and districts, starting with certain priority groups, the H&FW statement said.

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