Shani Amavasya Dec 2021 Date, Tithi, Rituals, Significance

When an amavasya falls on a Saturday, the day is known as Shani Amavasya. It is dedicated to Lord Shani Dev.

Amavasya in December 2021, which falls on Saturday, is the last of the two Shani Amavasyas in the year.

Shani Amavasya December 2021 Date: Dec 4 (Saturday).

Tithi: December 03, 4:56 pm – December 04, 1:13 pm.

Shani Amavasya, a rare occasion, usually falls twice a year. It is an important day for those under the influence of Shani Mahadasha or going through the period of Sade Sati.

It is the most important day to worship and appease Lord Shani and earn His blessings.

It is believed that blessings of Lord Shani brings good fortune, prosperity and happiness in life.

Shani amavasya vrat is done with Shani puja and giving donation. The act is believed to invoke the blessings in the form of prosperity and success in all endeavours.

Shani amavasya puja also lessens the bad effects of pitr dosh and Kaal sarp dosh.

It is recommended to perform rituals of puja of Shani amavasya at Shani Temple.

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